This page describes all the creatures, beasts and monsters encountered in the Crit Juice campaign.

  • Amon Rath - A Lesser Demon Lord of Sewage, Filth and Stuff That Runs Down Drains, Amon Rath materialized as a 100' abomination emerging from a pit to Hell after the party interrupted King Godfrey's evil ritual in Prologue 3. In this form, Amon Rath was a giant humanoid with faceted eyes, tentacles surrounding a gaping maw, and skin composed entirely of cracked and bleeding scabs.
  • Blaze Harpy - The group came across a Harpy creature that lives in the woods of Orrenvale in Episode 54. When killed burst like they are filled with naplam (almost like popping a zit), creating burst 3 fire damage. Doc named them Blaze Harpies because they burst into fire.
  • Crawling claws - dismembered hands that are vomited forth from the mouth of the GFH, Crawling Claws are minions that grab opponents on a successful attack and do ongoing damage until the target can save to pry their fingers off. The crawling claws were first vomited into Crit Juice in Episode 2.
  • Cyclops - 15-foot-tall humanoid abominations, cyclops were found rampaging in the ruins of Orrenvale in Episode 52. There were brutes who attacked with uprooted trees, minions, and Stormcaster Cyclops, who flung decaying entrails as material components for magical attacks of crushing force.
  • Dire rat - giant, foul rodents the size of Saint Bernards (think ROUSes from "The Princess Bride"). The Beldame in Gallows kept one as a pet and called it "Queenie" in Episode 3.
  • Gelatinous Cube - a transparent cube of acidic jello ten feet on a side, which functions essentially like a gastropod, sliding slowly around and absorbing and digesting all organic material, a gelatinous cube is a variety of ooze. A gelatinous cube is so transparent is it nearly invisible, and is resistant to most types of physical damage. The Adventurers' first encounter gelatinous cubes in Episode 6, when they meet a million of them as part of Pelmormalleon's Slither Dungeon.
  • Giant Abomination - standing 25' tall, this humanoid monster has an overly large head (picture a giant Bobblehead) and loves to eat fresh meat. Prince Ezra attracts the giant abomination to the gates of Mariposa by slaughtering a corral of horses near the end of Episode 1. The giant has two attacks: smashing with his fists for bludgeon damage, and grabbing/throwing man-sized opponents. When killed, the giant abomination's head detaches to become the Giant Freaking Head.
  • Giant Freaking Head (GFH) - the second stage of the Giant Abomination, the GFH detaches from the giant's body once it is defeated. The head rolls around, burbling. It has three attacks: a wildly lashing tongue that can grab a man-size opponent and drag it into the mouth for a bite, vomiting crawling claws, and a hideous scream that dazes everyone within hearing. The tongue also provides a defense: any creature that ends its turn adjacent to the GFH takes 5 tongue-lashing damage. The GFH was encountered in Episode 2.
  • Leech men (also called Eel men) - Veiled Eye assassins encountered in The Shrine of Man in Prologue 1 and Prologue 2, Leech Men are intelligent humanoid bipeds with eyeless faces and giant lamprey mouths filled with teeth. In addition to whatever weapon attacks they have, they can bite as a basic melee attack, doing ongoing damage each round as they suck the blood from the target.
  • Ogres - hideous abominable humanoids found in the ruins of Orrenvale in Episode 52, ogres were accompanied by a number of cyclops as well.
  • Ooze - basically, the Blob (as in the 1958 film starring Steve McQueen): a non-intelligent animal that lives and grows by absorbing organic material. Having no bones, organs or tissue to speak of, oozes can fit through any size crack but when not sliding through a small aperture will appear as a large puddle or blob, slowly rolling to engulf any nearby animate matter. Oozes come in a rainbow of colors, each of which has slightly different resistances and damage types. Oozes are very slightly distinct from Jellies and Puddings, which have some slight internal structure (fruit or milk, perhaps?) and are slightly "chunkier" (basically, the creators of D&D thought it would be cool to imagine different types of dessert coming to life and attacking people.) Oozes are resistant to most types of physical damage, and some attacks - such as slashing - can simply cut them in half, forming two smaller oozes with the same abilities and statistics. Oozes were first encountered by the party in Episode 6 as gelatinous cubes, amber oozes, and black puddings.
  • Shadow demons - These fell creatures were summoned by the dark pixie working with Prince Ezra to ship supplies from Gallows to the Veiled Eye in Blazestone. Shadow demons perform melee attacks using scythes of darkness. They vanish when the summoner is defeated, as heard in Episode 4.
  • Worm (Giant) - a subterranean invertebrate monster that surfaces only to swallow characters whole. Swallowed characters cannot be affected or targeted by spells or other effects while inside the worm, and they take ongoing acid damage as they are slowly dissolved. Encountered outside of Gallows, the worm-men assassins sent by Azmar the Ashmaker distracted the party so that the giant worm could swallow Gub and kill him for the bounty. He managed to escape, as heard in Episode 5.

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