This page provides the details of Crit Juice, Episode 10, which was recorded as part of session three.

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Drinking Gods Rules
In addition to the Golden Rules, the following applied to this episode:

  • "Whenever you reach exactly zero hit points, take a shot." Submitted by Jesse, AKA Kilojegs, AKA GMBoos.
  • "Everytime someone says the word 'Princess,' you must all toast her with a drink." Submitted by @dunkbailey
  • "When a player uses an action point, that player must finish their drink before they can use that action point." Submitted by @winterwolves
  • "Drink whenever someone you thought was a friend turns out to be a bad guy." Submitted by @skeet290
  • "Drink whenever a role-playing conversation goes poorly for the player." From @VindiKSean.


Slow as Molasses

Streets of Blazestone

Crit Deck Cards
As you attack, a loud battle cry escapes your body - go team spirit- enemies burst 2 are slowed - allies burst 2 get a plus to attack next turn. Beckaboo drawn by Brian for wolf on a Crit 18.

Crit Fail Cards
You attempt to hit the enemy facing you, but to make such a complete hash of it, you manage to hit yourself in the foot for 1d6 shame damage and drop your weapon. There is absolute silence as the battle stops and everyone looks at you before bursting out laughing at the same time. They are all laughing so much that no one notices you picking up your weapon again. Make another free attack roll immediately with plus 2 advantage. @dunksbailey drawn by Matt B. for Doc.

Your weapon slips off out your hand and lops off your big toe. Make an acrobatics check every turn to see if you fall down or not. Heal check save ends. Make another check to see if Chase eats the toe. Submitted by Alex S. Drawn by Matt B. For Doc.

Green slime drops down and oozes all over your face - "You can't do that in D and D". You are Blinded for one round. Jennifer H. Drawn by Brian for wolf.

Princess Points
Gub gets a princess point - for protecting the princess.

(ICP) Insane Clown Posse


Looting the Veiled Eye robes and the adventures enter Gub’s home Blazestone. Wolf notices a cloaked figure sitting on the wall and the adventures are followed and Gub is recognized by Cloaked figure who turns out to be, Ofano the Hunter. Gub proceeds to rap the intro to the Party:

Doc he’s a bad ass healer. What up? Arience he’s Royalty, did I mention he was magic? Oh yeah, he is magic. Guess what, yeah, then there’s Wolf, Yo! Look out for his arrows, it’s all f*&#ed up, he’s going to mess you up. We’ve got a dwarf, also he’s kinda an elf, he’s not existing right now, don’t worry about it. We’ve got Dar’Jjeeki, kinda freaky, he’s a rabbit also a man. He’s got chaos Magic coming out of his hands. Oh and then there is me, did I mention me? You know me, I’m a Dragonborn Mother f*&#er, what up?

Ofano, the Hunter, fights the adventures. Wolf is hit by a Lava Arrow, from Lava Goblin. Hunting lizards come from a hidden location, and are dispatched by Arience’s spell. Wolf is flailed in the head by Ofono, Chase trips the Orc as Doc attempts to interrupt an Attack of Opportunity on Wolf and Crit Fails taking shame Damage, everyone laughs and he was able to attack again missing.
The adventures attempt to attack Lava Goblin. Gub scares a lizard away. Doc takes a knock back hit from Ofano. Doc attempts to hit Ofano and He manages to lop off his own toe, putting his toe into his shoe. Ofano laughs in Docs face and threatens to eat the toe later.

DarJjeeki is unable to hit Lava Goblin, when Arience sends a nightmare of having twins to Ofano, who laughs it off.

Wolf fails to hit and is hit by Green slime - blinded for a round. After some arguing and Princess convincing Gub charges Ofano. Ofano taunts Gub as he hits and knocks Gub back. Doc shifts and his mustaches becomes bigger, Doc moves in crushes the Orc with divine presents of Dolldorn. Lava Goblin - hits doc with a Large arrow.

Arience shows everyone his princely Aura - damaging the foe and giving everyone else a boost.

Gub hits Ofano with Dragon breath. Wolf twin strikes The Orc. Doc continues his attack reaching in with his spear. Glancing at Gub - Doc sends a healing Word.

Dar'Jjeeki thunder slams Ofano from his hiding spot. Wolf aims at the Lava Goblin and hits with Twin strike.

Gub looks up and in a friendly manner warns Lava Goblin 'don't trip bitch' she replies 'I won't'.

The adventures attempt to surround the lava goblin - she runs away. Wolf breaks her bow as a precaution.

The adventures finish the fight and hear the guards coming. Dar'Jjeeki attempts to scare off the guards by turning into a hybrid rabbit - the guards don't buy it for a second.

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