This page provides the details of Crit Juice, Episode 11, which was recorded as part of session three.

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Drinking Gods Rules
In addition to the Golden Rules, the following applied to this episode:

  • "Whenever you reach exactly zero hit points, take a shot." Submitted by Jesse, AKA Kilojegs, AKA GMBoos.
  • "Everytime someone says the word 'Princess,' you must all toast her with a drink." Submitted by @dunkbailey
  • "When a player uses an action point, that player must finish their drink before they can use that action point." Submitted by @winterwolves
  • "Drink whenever someone you thought was a friend turns out to be a bad guy." Submitted by @skeet290
  • "Drink whenever a role-playing conversation goes poorly for the player." From @VindiKSean.



Dragonbreath Distillery
Midnight Fire

Crit Deck Cards

Pulled by Arience 'Keep an Eye on them' you enemy size up your enemy after you have just dealt a devastating hit and you always keep view on him from the corner of your eye, until the end of the encounter you can score an additional crit on them until the end of the encounter (@winterswolves)


Wheelbarrow, a Holocaust Cloak, and a Lantern - The Princess Bride.
Rafeeki - The Lion King
The Plan of the Three Ninja's - Three Ninja's Movie which Daniel Acker knows a lot about.
Elizabeth Burkly "I hope this doesn't ruin my Career" - Showgirls
Dar'Jjeeki Points - Apparently you can lose them, Dar'Jjeeki and a sick cup-cake he ate three months ago are winning in Dar'Jjeeki Points.
Gary Soldati is sick and is a constant through joke that he has let down his friends.
Matt B. Wonders if they are truly the Good Guys.


Trapped in an alley with the city guards - Dar'Jjeeki attempts to bluff his way out of the rough spot. The Guards attack smacking Dar'Jjeeki. Arience Hits the an area with swirling daggers flying around killing the guard instantly, Arience continues to keep an eye on the corpse for the rest of the fight. Dar'Jjeeki attempts to throw energy strobe and missing. The crew decides to run to the Dragonbreath Distillery, Dar'Jjeeki continues to only use the Honorific "Princess" for the Princess and the crew continues to drink in her honor. The Distillery is surrounded by a thick wall of obsidian, it is known for the finest whiskey in all of Blazestone, some would say in the realm; Dragonbreath Whiskey, one of Blazestone's chief exports. There is a rumour there is an extremely old batch of Whiskey that predates the current age. The Distillery main gates are surrounded by Azmar the Ashmaker's men. Dar'Jjeeki looks for Wheelbarrow, a Holocaust Cloak, and a Lantern, and finds them instantly. The Guard call to them to Stop and asks them their business. Dar'Jjeeki says he is a merchant in a bluff attempt, with his Wheelbarrow, the Lead Guard does not believe a word he says and gives him a cold stare asking for a bribe, 100 Gold Pieces. Dar'Jjeeki offers to pay right away, the guard allows them to pass. Dar'Jjeeki steals his gold back tripping into the Guard.

Arience distracts the Guards to make sure the crew especially Gub and the Princess can get in. Wolf attempts to get in sneak in. Dar'Jjeeki slips lock burst chalk to open the gate, bluffing that someone just ran into the Distillery. Doc trips a Guard attempting to run after the non-existent Dar'Jjeeki assailant. Gub sends the password to Wolf, "Whiskey-Breath and Dragon-Fire beyond these walls the two conspire". Wolf whispers the password and the doors open to the crew. Dar'Jjeeki attempts to lose the Guards, turning around jumping up in the air and turns into a bunny "I'll kill you" the bunny zig zags through the guards, Doc picks up and carries the bunny to the gate of the Distillery.

Inside the Distillery are racks and racks stacked 4 high with Whiskey Barrels. Machinery in the background are loudly working in the background. Sitting there dressed in simple Garb is a Gold Dragonborn with Slightly greying scales Ferix. He is so happy to see Gub he starts to do a little jig. Gub shares that he has come to take care of Azmar 'kick shit into him'.

Ferix offers a safe haven for the crew to rest up. Ferix is worried about Gub. The Guards have been hassling Ferix and drinking his Whiskey. Ferix tells the crew that Azmar has been Obsessed with Gub and has been going to extremes, men arrived transporting a large object to Azmar's inner most Vault, in the heart of his Casino the Lucky Loot. Gub asks for help from Ferix, who feels that Gub is like a son to him…. tells them about the secret of the Distillery the secret tunnels 'Lava tubes' formed when the city of forming they go all over under Blazestone. Ferix also gives Gub a Whiskey brewed by his Father's Father, Barrel of Dragon Whiskey Reserve (TM). Whoever drinks it gains extra to their dragons breath attack and causes extra damage if yo have Dragon's Breath, if you don't normally have Dragon's Breath it gives you Dragon's Breath for one encounter. Gub calls Ferix 'Father' and Ferix thinks it sounds weird and downgrades him to a nephew, the weird kind.

The Crew hears a muffled voice above, it's Dovana. Gub is a little concerned about Dovana who showed up late. Ferix give Gub his 'Go' Bag which had his toothbrush and a swimsuit in case someone has a pool and also 2 healing potions, some dried food, 30 gold pieces, a back up flask, 10 cigars, a spyglass, a map of Blazestone and the surrounding area, and an elixir of invisibility.

Ferix tells the crew they need a code to get into the vault and they need to get it from the strippers who hate Azmar more then anyone at the Midnight Fire the strip club that is the 'Best' strip club in Blazestone. The Tunnels leads to a women's changing rooms in the Midnight Fire. The Women of the club are leaving for the stage, Dar'Jjeeki enters first and the last women in the room is a short-squat older Gnome dressed in a sequinned head-dress. As she sees Gub her face lights up, she calls him "Gubsy" transforming and shapeshifting the androgynous looking creature Nata jumping into Gub's Lap. Dovana is obviously upset about the two of them together. Gub asks for her help. Nata suggests using Azmak Azmar's brother and the manager of the Midnight Fire, to get the information they need, the combination for the Vault. They need to get into the casino after that when the high roller comes (10000 gold pieces wagered) they open up the gates to dole out the winnings or take in the lost Gold. Arience goes to Gralford who has 6800 gold says 'Say nothing if you don't mind us taking this gold'. Gralford continues to pray silently.

Right then the Golumnoid Bouncer comes in telling Nata to get on stage. Dovana hides from the bouncer. Dar'Jjeeki bluffs that he is a high roller named Franklin Wolf Lewis and he is here to win money.

They enter the side rooms of the club, there are large glided cages which hold dancing dark pixies, centre stage is decorated with plush tacky velvet and mirrors. Azmak is a fat shlubby Dragonborn sitting in the room cheering the dancers on. Dar'Jjeeki introduces himself as Arience which confuses the bouncer. The crew introduces themselves as different names from the party who are all from Rankiki except Doc who introduces himself as Doc. They settle into getting the information out of Azmak.

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