The very first podcast, where the characters and players are introduced.

Characters introduced:

Locations in this episode:

Jokes introduced:

  • finding character voices (Matt Cook talking about Dar'Jjeeki's voice)
  • Handsome Gary
  • Skulls podcast
  • Dark Manshapes
  • players voicing NPCs (Daniel voices the ball of blackness)

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After being released from jail after a bar fight, the PCs walk through the Low Town of Mariposa on their way to the Shrine of Man in the High City. They prevent some pickpockets from stealing from Gralford, and they see a thief with a stolen necklace being pursued by guardsmen. Dar'Jjeeki steals the necklace from the thief. Halvek interrupts the guards from beating the kid, and gets beaten himself. Gub intimidates the guards to leave. The royal procession passes through, eliciting enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. Decrepit old King Godfrey struggles to wave at his beloved subjects while the gorgeous, buxom young Princess Camellia waves as well. Doc scoffs, Arience makes a lewd suggestion, but the Princess has eyes only for the super-duper handsome Dar'Jjeeki (resembling a young Hugh Jackman), to whom she throws a rose.

Speaking of handsome, the players all take a break to admire Gary.

Halvek slips into the High City with the PCs, and the party continues to the Shrine of Man, an ancient holy complex surrounded by a wall, all built around a tomb of a nameless man. They see Shrine maidens, a priest, Prince Ezra and his bodyguard. Gralford tries to pray, but Doc scoffs. Arience introduces himself to Ezra, and they strike up a great conversation of peers. Dar'Jjeeki bluffs the Shrine maidens, pretending that the stolen necklace is a keepsake from his father, which prompts the DM to note that Crit Juice will include no erotic role-play. All the lights go out, so suddenly only Gralford can see a troop of dark manshapes enter, escorting a rolling ball of blackness, and the episode ends as the party rolls initiative for the first time.

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