The second prologue episode, from recording session 1.


  • "Speed Limit" (first achievement)
  • "Action Hero" (Brian)
  • "Klepto" (Matt Cook)

Crit Fail Deck:

  • The god of the attack's domain causes the attack to hit you instead of your target From: Vindikshawn (sp?), rolled by Matt Cook. (first Crit Fail)
  • You sneeze and shoot yourself in the foot. From: @beckaboo, rolled by Tom Fonss.

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Still in the Shrine of Man, the party begins to fight blind. Wolf shoots and hits various people in darkness. One of the dark manshapes guts the high priest as the shrine maidens attempt to find and light torches. But the shroud of darkness partially boils away as its wearer approaches the high priest's body. The thing gestures into the rafters, saying "Take them!" and exits. Dar'Jjeeki attacks and bloodies himself, Arience shoots a magic missile into the darkness, and Gub breathes fire on some dark men, providing some light illumination, before shooting himself in the foot. A sniper hits Gralford and Doc heals him a few times ("I'm from here…"). The party fights the dark manshapes, which turn out to be invertebrates of some kind (first named as Eel Men, but described and later named as Leech Men). Brian gets the first Achievement and the second, and then the DM notes that Matt Cook should have got the first Achievement when he stole the necklace from the thief. Not to be left out in the fighting blind department, Gralford attacks the darkness in the rafters, pulls an arrow out of his knee, and then climbs the bell ropes to the rafters. Wolf continues to pepper the Leech Men with arrows and Dar'Jjeeki follows Gralford into the rafters. Daniel and Tom take enormous whisky shots out of champagne flutes, which prompts a riff on the Orson Wells War of the Worlds broadcast.

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