This page lists all of the Crit Deck cards heard in the podcast so far. Crit Deck cards are submitted by the listeners and are drawn by the players whenever they get a 20 on a d20 attack roll in combat, which is called a "critical hit," or just a "crit."

The Crit Deck has a natural counterpart, the Crit Fail Deck.

  • Infectious Splash (submitted by Gina J.) - After Gub is swallowed whole by a Sand Worm, Gralford and Doc leap down the tunnel it digs with its hostage. Doc charges down the tunnel (crit success) and splashes water from a pool of stagnant water into the worm's mouth, giving the worm amoebic dysentery. The next time Doc strike the worm it dies and Gub is rocketshitted from its anus. Episode 5
  • "You pull the beating heart out of your foe's chest. They take 1d8 extra damage and is now considered undead." Submitted by Rolled by Brian in Episode 2.
  • "You pull out an old VHS copy of the acclaimed superhero movie "Batman and Robin" and proceed to watch it together with the enemy. After realizing how bad, boring and long the movie is (about 15 minutes in), the enemy hurts himself to escape the horror that is "Batman and Robin." The enemy takes 2d6 extra damage. Submitted by @grbinder. Rolled by Matt Buchholtz in Episode 4.
  • "Your deity (the Raven Queen) is on her morning run and she notices your crit. She gives you a high five; gain +1 to attacks until the end of your next turn." Submitted by Ryan S. Rolled by Brian McGrath in Episode 4

Do you have an idea for the Crit Deck? Send it in e-mail to submit(at), with the subject line "CRIT DECK"

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