Characters earn favor with Princess Camellia in game, thus earning Princess Points. Here's the record of points earned (and lost). This mechanic was introduced in Episode 1.

  • Arience: 5 points (as of episode 5)
  • Dar'Jjeeki: 3 points (as of episode 5)
  • Doc: 0 points (as of episode 5)
  • Dovana: 1 point (as of episode 5)
  • Gralford: 1 point (as of episode 5)
  • Gub: 1 point (as of episode 5)
  • Wolf: 1 point (as of episode 5)

Running tally
Episode 1: Dar'Jjeeki catches Camellia in his strong, handsome arms (1 point), Arience introduces himself as Prince of Thunderblood (1 point).
Episode 2: Doc condescends to give Camellia a wooden sword (-1 point).
Episode 3: Dar'Jjeeki rides horseback with the Princess (1 point) and Arience gives the Princess Herman's thermos of death tea (1 point).
Episode 5: Camellia is grateful to the party for helping her catch up to Ezra (1 point to everyone), Arience commiserates with her (1 point), and then he grudgingly consents to sleep in a tree with her (1 more point).
Episode 7: Dar'Jjeeki earned two Princess points this session: one for character background, one for comforting Camellia during the terror ride through the slime.
Episode 8: Gub earns two Point for saving the Princess from the Black Slime. 1 for saving her, 1 for doing it in style.
Episode 9: Arience gives the Princess some cloth armor and gets a 1 point. Doc condescends to the Princess and loses a point bringing him to negative 1. Dar'Jjeeki makes effort to smooth everything over with the sword and he earns a point.

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