King Godfrey ruled the Holy City of Mariposa for many decades. He is the father to Princess Camellia and Prince Ezra. In later life, Godfrey dreamed of immortality. In order to achieve this dream, he contacted the Veiled Eye. In Prologue 3, with the support of that vile organization, he enacted a dark ritual to sacrifice his daughter and the entire population of Mariposa. The Adventurers interrupted the ritual and killed Godfrey before it could be completed. Immediately afterward, in Episode 1, the party discovered that the entire population of Mariposa except for Halvek, Camellia, Ezra, the Adventurers, the peasant woman, and her baby had disappeared in a foul mist. Prince Ezra described seeing the 70,000 people naked, bound, and genuflecting on the obsidian plains of Hell. All according to Godfrey's plan…except for the getting killed and not becoming immortal part.

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