PLAYER: Brian McGrath
TWITTER: @critj_agholor
RACE: Goliath
CLASS: Barbarian


Aghilor Alonsokiko is a former soldier that is now a bouncer at a tavern The Barrel Cracker. He was always thought to be a rising star in battle, though he loves people and enjoys interacting with them in the city, tavern, and sometimes to a fault wants to chat first before using his natural battle tactics. His nickname has been changed frequently due to this fact.

He is tall and large with grey skin and yellow eyes, and completely bald. When he is wearing armor, it is dark leather studded with metal with a heavy metal chest plate on top. He wields a warhammer wrapped in leather and studded with metal. He keeps a pair of ancient looking handaxes known to have been passed down through his family on his belt.

He speaks Common.

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