PLAYER: Gary Soldati
TWITTER: @critj_solaly
RACE: Human
CLASS: Tempest Cleric


A Tempest Cleric of Rayland, the Storm Dragon. She is 6 ft., Caucasian with black hair (Mohawk). Her gear is always well kept. She has recently come down from the Storm Dragon's stronghold, Thunderhelm.

As an infant, her family hold was destroyed by an unknown force. She was found amidst the wreckage, under a shield. As the sole survivor of her line, she was taken in by the mysterious and secretive Order of the Storm Dragon. Now grown, she has recently left Thunderhelm, the Order's stronghold in the Blackrock Mountains. She is looking for answers. She is short on patience and long on ass-kicking. Not the best traits when re-entering society…or are they?

She speaks Common, Draconic

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