Arience Everstorm is a PC played by Daniel Acker. Arience is a human wizard and the Crowned Prince of Thunderblood. He will probably never make it through a real coronation. As the only other royalty in the party, Arience believes that he and Princess Camellia are destined to be together, and he goes out of his way to treat her with kindness and care. The tradition in the Everstorm family is that every heir to the throne must spend his youth wandering the realms, getting to know the lands and its peoples, gaining in experience and developing bonds that will aid in his efforts at diplomacy in his later life when he is king. This period of wandering brought him to the Holy City of Mariposa after the first eight months, where he met the party at a tavern and proceeded to see the Shrine of Man. Several generations ago, the Everstorm family wrested the throne of Thunderblood from the original ruling family, and there remains in Thunderblood an extensive underground of rebels looking to restore the original line (the heir in this generation is Warren Deathslayer Bryant) back to the throne.

Arience was born in the Capital of Thunderblood, also known as Thunderblood.

Lord Protector (LP) - a Dragonling that has been with Arience since Childhood.
Warrior James
Sable Fox (Mount)

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