The comely, young ("Young, but not too young…17? 18? No, 20 years old") and buxom blonde daughter of King Godfrey of the Holy City of Mariposa, Princess Camellia admires Dar'Jjeeki from the very beginning (Prologue 1, and later joins the party in Episode 1. She's the source of the Princess Point mechanic.

As a beautiful girl and the only survivng member of the Mariposan royal family, Camellia's affection is sought after by members of the party in hopes of wedding her. This leads to a lot of touching moments with the DM. Her fate is up in the air right now, and she's been known to carry "The Taint." Almost sacrificed by her father to open a gate to hell, Camellia is the only survivor who was there when the Lesser God of Slime appeared in Mariposa who does not bear the mark of the Last Hope. She longs for adventure, can't handle her booze, wields a giant zweihander with reckless abandon, bears a thermos of death tea, and occasionally channels demonic hellfire (which everyone in the party politely ignores).

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