PLAYER: Matt Cook
TWITTER: @critj_chancho
RACE: Lightfoot Halfling
CLASS: Rogue (Assassin)


Chancho Dreeft is a wild looking halfling with dark brown, wavy hair with a highly athletic and lithe build and handsome, roguish, and round facial features. He wears a mismatched collection of clothes and armor taken off of enemies that has been self-adjusted to roughly fit his body. They are all smattered with mud and clay in order to better blend into wooded environments, and keeps a variety of blades and twin rapiers on his person at all times. He also smells like an animal.

He was discarded at birth and sent down the river to die, with little hope of survival. Rather than dying along the river, he washed ashore next to a pack of friendly bear cubs who heard his cries. When their mama came over she could only see a young pup in need. She took him in and raised him as one of her own.

Chancho is dashing and cavalier in his attitude, cocky in the knowledge of his skill, but feral when provoked. He became known as the wraith of the woods by those who attempted to invade his home, and was a hero to the wild. Now he has ventured out of the woods and into the world to test his skills and expand his renown.

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