Dar'Jjeeki is a PC played by Matt Cook. Dar'Jjeeki (two Js) is a hengeyokai wild magic sorcerer with a rabbit form. Dar'Jjeeki is the lost son of Dar'Ttaji, the charismatic hengeyokai king of the Feywild. Dar'Jjeeki was somehow separated from his family as a kit and dropped into the Material Plane in the vicinity of Mariposa about a century before the campaign began. He spent his first hundred years as a rabbit, leading and also loving his wildlife companions, only to watch them die from old age or predation or hunting over and over again. Occasionally he was treated as a pet by crofters, who were then murdered by rampaging monsters. Only recently did Dar'Jjeeki discover that he has wild magic powers, and with that, he was able to shapeshift for the first time into human form. He is incredibly handsome and irresistibly charismatic, and on entering Mariposa immediately caught the eye of Princess Camellia, who was so taken with his gorgeousness that she threw him a rose as her only pre-hellmouth interaction with the party. Dar'Jjeeki is now exploring the universe with the only friends he's had who haven't all been murdered.

Lana Ley
Prismatic Hare (Mount)

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