Dar'Jjeeki's father, Dar'Taji is a hengeyokai and king of Orrenvale in the Feywild. Orrenvale was attacked and everyone who chose to flee to safety followed Dar'Taji to safety of an island elsewhere in the Feywild, through an escape tunnel he had caused to be created. They then collapsed the tunnel behind them, cutting off all pursuit but also cutting off their route off of the island. Sometime during all this, Dar'Taji's wife was lost. At the same time, the infant Dar'Jjeeki was dropped into the Material Plane and was also considered lost. Because time passes differently in the Feywild, more than a century has passed for Dar'Jjeeki while only a few years have passed in the Feywild…all of Dar'Jjeeki's brothers are still young children, but it's been long enough for Dar'Taji to let himself go in despair and fatten up on good food and drown his grief with tropical drinks. In It is unknown what animal form Dar'Taji takes.

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