Doc Keratin is a PC played by Matt Buchholtz. "Doc" is a longtooth shifter, cleric of Dol Dorn, and native of the Holy City of Mariposa. At the start of the campaign, he sold "legitimate" religious relics to pilgrims outside the gates of Mariposa, while brewing whisky in the belly of a dragon. "Doc" knows how to butcher a horse, he's a bit of a hipster cleric, an advocate of small religious organizations over large, more commercial religous enterprises, and he's the only longtooth shifter in the multiverse who actually looks like a dog (a Scotch terrier with its signature mustache). "Doc" wields a great spear (often swinging it like a sword), brews his own whiskey (in the belly of a dragon), and is a blacksmith. "Doc" has a love/hate relationship with Princess Camellia: as a Mariposan, he cares for her, but he has great disdain for her as royalty and authority, and as a silly woman who can't defend herself. "Doc" has a strong bond with Gralford, and the two of them often work as a team.

Mariposa, the Holy City

Light Pixies who live in his mustache.

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