First appeared as a giant in Episode 1, summoned by Prince Ezra to delay the party as he fled the graveyard that was Mariposa. Possibly the source inspiration for "Attack on Titan." After eating slaughtered horses, the giant fought the party, and then his giant freaking head rolled off his body and spewed tiny severed hands - crawling claws - from its mouth in Episode 2, also attacking with an improbably long, tentacular tongue. In defeat, the GFH was completely splattered by the party, but somehow recovered from his destruction for the sake of comedy. After he was killed, the community came to refer to the GFH as "Lloyd the Giant Head." Lloyd has had a hard life, but he's making the most of it now. He now runs a general store, and it's a good thing he's undead, because there's only three people left alive in Mariposa who might visit his store. Lloyd appears occasionally in Crit Deck Cards.

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