Gub T. Montgomery is a PC played by Tom Fonss ("Tom Fonss' character, Gub"). A sassy dragonborn who will probably try to fight you with his dick. Gub worked for many years as a bouncer in Blazestone, before rising in the ranks of the Yakuza as an enforcer alongside Dovana. Eventually he rebelled against the mob boss when Azmar was about to kill and torture a child. Gub fled Blazestone with a price on his head and decided to lay low in Mariposa and check out the sights, like the world famous Shrine of Man (all part of Gub's backstory). Gub has a tattoo on his body for every murder he committed for the Blazestone yakuza, and he tends to intimidate his enemies. He has intimidated a phase drake ("Pete") into being his companion and mount. Gub still remembers his past as a service worker and hates bad tippers.


  • Clockwork Bomb - a device that Dovana returned to Gub in Episode 3, the Clockwork Bomb is a wind-up bomb that moves for some distance in a random direction before exploding.

Pete (Mount)

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