PLAYER: Tom Fonss
TWITTER: @critj_mumbles
RACE: Gnome


Mack 'Mumbles' McGumtree is a famous troubadour at the end of a long & checkered career filled with hits, flops, drugs, estranged band members, & many ex-wives. He’s having a hard time getting back that ‘old magic'. He’s gone through the rabbit hole with a variety of recreational and pharmaceutical drugs and come out the other end a bit scatterbrained, but wiser. He wouldn't touch most of the stuff he did in his younger years but he still smokes Wizard Weed and sips a strange psychedelic rock gnome tea consisting of bio-luminescent glow-worm silk & mucus, provided by a pet glow-worm that he keeps in a mason jar in his backpack. He’s laid-back to a fault but for the most part there is a Taoist backbone to his go-with-the-flow nature. What might seem like a lackadaisical personality is actually Mack’s deep understanding of how to live harmoniously with the worlds around him.

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