Sir Mister Turnale, otherwise known as "Mr. T," is an incredibly obese NPC dwarf with a Scottish accent (think Mike Myers' Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies). Gub met and befriended Mr. T at "Drink Up, Sucka!" before the campaign began, when he was still working for Azmar the Ashmaker. Mr. T is gregarious, but he has famously poor boundaries when it comes to the ladyfolk, offering to marry Princess Camellia when he first meets her (in Episode 6) and then later getting into a series of problems because of his inability to resist the charms of Dark Pixies. Yes, this fat little drunk has a weakness for the ladies and for booze; every time the party meets him, he is almost incoherent with drunkenness. But he's a happy drunk, which is good, because the poor little guy goes through a lot of crap during the course of the campaign.

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