Infamous psychopathic murderers of legend, which the party meets in Episode 2.

A sacred order of demon-slayers dedicated to eliminating the taint of hell's corruption of the material plane.

The Red Cloaks are infamous for arriving out of nowhere in small towns, churches, and other public gathering and exterminating everyone.

Banner Black started to attack the party, assuming they were corrupted by the demonic Scourge, but then stopped. He explained to Il Muir why he failed to obliterate the party when they first met: "…(They) speak so irreverently, but they have been marked by the Last Hope. They, too, are kindred soldiers in this battle."

The purpose of the Red Cloaks is best understood in Banner Black's own words: "You, like most, do not understand how tenuous the existence of our world is. Countless other realms have fallen into the ravening mouth of Hell, and its hot breath is now fast upon the back of ours. Incidents such as happened here today should not be possible, nor portals to the Abyss so easily opened. The fabric of our world is fraying like a threadbare bed-sheet. And for one reason, because we invite these demons in ourselves. We invite them in for their promises of power, and trade the lives of thousands to enhance our own. The seed of evil can reside in anyone in this city. Everyone has been exposed to the Taint, everyone must be…We are demon slayers, us Red Cloaks. Your mirth belies the importance of this situation! We are dedicated to hunting the Scourge, whether it lives in the depths of Hell or the halls of power. Eliminating it utterly down to its roots. It is an extreme threat and it calls for extreme measures. But if you are marked by the Last Hope, then you are counted among us, and we may not spill your blood or harm you in any way. It is a sacred brotherhood. We are all different here in this group, we all come from different walks of life, but we have been drawn together by one thing: we made an effort against overwhelming odds to stop the forces of Evil, to stop the Demonic Hordes and we were marked by a Holy Power beyond our understanding."

The Red Cloaks are a motley crew of assorted races and abilities, all wearing cloaks that are stiff with the dried red blood of demons (spare red cloaks are carried about in the packs on the troll's back). There is Il Muir, Banner Black, a beautiful woman riding a unicorn, a drow, an elf, a duergar ("Dew AIR Gar"), a halfling, and a hulking troll stuffed into heavy plate armor.

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