PLAYER: Matt Buchholtz
TWITTER: @critj_Roofer
RACE: Wood-Elf
BACKGROUND: Guild Artisan


Roofer is moderately tall, with long ears that go straight out to the side. He has blonde hair, slicked up and back with bee's wax. Although in his early 100's, he has the appearance of a man in his mid to late twenties due to his elven heritage. His eyes are solid green with no visible distinction between sclera, iris, and pupil, and have an inner light that can be seen in the dark. He always wears his work uniform- a mix of function and style. He keeps it well pressed, but it has several patches. He often carries a large pack of thatching and rope, along with a climbing harness.

He's hopelessly positive, always finding the silver lining no matter what the situation. He aspires to be employee of the month and to do the best at his job. From the outside, his hopes and dreams probably appear depressingly low-bar. He strives for approval from everyone around him, and falls in love way too quickly. Most notably, he has a massive crush on Tiefling pop-starlett, Edynn Qwist.

He's currently employed by the Thatch Bros, a large company that have many offices, and has followed the Caravan to ensure Mac Mumbles repays his debt he owes Roofer for redoing his roof. Mac Mumbles doesn't remember it happening and Roofer is too polite to ask. Roofer has a New Zealand-like accent… most of the time.

He speaks Common, Elvish and Dwarven

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