The Veiled Eye is a widespread cult in the world of Crit Juice, with members and influence everywhere. The Veiled Eye is apparently dedicated to the achievement of power at any cost. To that end, they worked with King Godfrey of Mariposa to enact a demonic ritual (which resulted in the destruction of almost all life in the city). They then worked with Prince Ezra, Azmak, and Dark Pixies to sacrifice Blazestone on another dark ritual, this one intended to transform the Veiled Eye Grandmaster into a dragon. Remnants of the Veiled Eye may be working with the Righteous in forming the vast army that is conquering most of the realms while the party is off of the Material Plane.

The Veiled Eye was first encountered in Prologue 1, then again in Episode 4, and then again in Episodes 17, 18, 19, and 20. With the death of the Grandmaster, the Veiled Eye has moved back into the shadows and has not openly encountered the party again.

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