"Drink Up, Sucka!" is the name of a world-famous bar originally located in Brennet. Run by a perpetually drunk dwarf named Mr. T, "Drink Up, Sucka!" has appeared several times in the Crit Juice campaign. In session two, the bar is mentioned for the first time, and then it is found missing along with the rest of Brennet Episode 5. The party continues on to find Mr. T and his bar floating in the million oozes controlled by Pelmormalleon. Somehow, the bar was transported far to the north into the recesses of the Blood Bog by the time the party reached it in Episode 23. Even more mysteriously, the bar was transported across the planes of existence to the Feywild in Episode 53.

(Note: in almost every mention of the bar after it is first named and encountered, the players and DM change the name of the bar to "Drink Up, Suckas!" (with an "s") because…well, even suckas don't like to drink alone)

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