A city-state monarchy, Mariposa was one of the most prosperous, successful cities/nations in the known world when the campaign began. Ruled by the beloved and benevolent widower King Godfrey, Mariposa was the destination of many pilgrimages, particularly to the ancient Shrine of Man. Despite its prosperity, Mariposa exhibited a great deal of inequality, being divided into the "High City" of the wealthy and the "Low City," where the poor dwelt in squalor and misery. The party met in a tavern outside Mariposa, engaged in a huge bar fight, and bonded together in the ensuing jail time. After they were released, they then went to visit the Shrine of Man (Prologue 1). In addition to King Godfrey, Mariposa is hometown to Prince Ezra, Princess Camellia, Halvek, the peasant woman, the peasant woman's baby, and Doc Keratin. They are also the only survivors after King Godfrey's aborted ritual, which might just have sent the 70,000 other visitors and residents to Hell as sacrifices (Episode 1).

Also, it should be noted that Mariposa is the furthest south the Adventurers have been in the world.

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