The Summer Isle of Yth is a tropical paradise in the Feywild. When the Vale of Orren (the the city of Orrenvale) was overrun by evil forces, the survivors of the Federation of the Fey fled in all directions and across all planes. The toddler Dar'Jjeeki was separated from his parents and thrown across universes from the Feywild into the Material Plane, where he remained in animal form for a hundred years. His mother was lost during the attack, but Dar'Jjeeki's father, King Dar'Taji, led many of the survivors to the Summer Isle of Yth with the help of the Ungulti diggers. After they traversed the tunnels under the ocean, Dar'Taji had the tunnels collapsed with massive amounts of rock to discourage pursuit.

The survivors quickly learned that at night, Yth comes alive with vicious giant beasts, so they built a huge wooden palisade surrounding their part of the island. There they stayed for a few years, despondent and dispirited, drowning their sorrows with various drugs. Then the Adventurers arrived after destroying Bumbledark (in Episode 48, and father and son were reunited once more. Just then, Krugfesh, the Arch-Fey of Rot, finally found this last remnant of the Federation of the Fey and attacked.

The Adventurers fought off the attackers, either killing or taming each of them. They then convinced Henry and Michael to reopen the tunnel back to Orrenvale. They left Yth at the end of Episode 51. Dar'Taji and the rest of the survivors remain on Yth to see what the party discovers about their old home.

Yth is beautiful, filled with flowers and giant creatures of all kinds, including giant ladybugs which are used for riding. The occupants of the Summer Isle have concocted many delicious tropical drinks to while away the years.

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