First seen assisting Prince Ezra in shipping the artifact to Azmak, then again dancing at Azmak's club in Blazestone, and later seen giving David the weirdest boner, the Dark Pixies are the Blood Bog's answer to that girl in high school who everyone thought was super hot and so continental because she was kinda goth and "knew a guy" who could get you weird E pills or something. The Dark Pixies have a particular grudge against Doc Keratin and seem to exist to fuck with his life as often as possible. There's a running joke that the DM has a thinly veiled obsession with goth women, that comes out in the desires of various NPCs for these tiny pierced and tattooed women. (also, nubile). Every dark pixie is named after a Suicide Girl, from a list David collected "for research."

Dark pixies are tiny humanoid figures with wings and magic…think Tinkerbell with tattoos, piercings and a foul mouth. Their counterparts are Light Pixies.

Recently Doc has discovered he loves Dark Pixies when previously he hates them.

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