A race of small intelligent flying humanoids in Dungeons & Dragons. Pixies are about six inches tall (think Star Wars action figures) with small sets of wings that allow them to hover and flit about like hummingbirds. As a defense mechanism, both male and female pixies tend to be very comely, with symmetrical features, large eyes, lustrous hair, long smooth limbs, and fit, shapely bodies. In Crit Juice, there are two sub-races of pixie: the light pixies and the dark pixies.

*Dark Pixies* are encountered much more frequently in Crit Juice. Dark Pixies are nubile, glistening, tattooed, bat-winged, and provocatively dressed (picture Morrigan and Lilith from "Darkstalkers," with tattoos). They're also foul-mouthed, brazen, and all named after real-world Suicide Girls, tattooed adult pin-up models (none of the male dark pixies have been named). Dark Pixies have been encountered again and again throughout the campaign; they first appeared in session one (Episode 4) when the party found that dark pixies were working with Prince Ezra in the Veiled Eye HQ under Gallows. With the help of Mr. T, the party found an entire hive of dark pixies in session six (Episodes 23 and 24), while in the Blood Bog. These dark pixies were led by a queen, named Absynthe (with a Y). Mr. T was victim to his obsession once again in Episode 53, when the party found his bar "Drink Up, Sucka!" mysteriously transported to the Feywild and the ruins of Orrenvale, and filled with maddened dark pixies. Doc Keratin has a love/hate relationship with dark pixies…his doggie mind is obsessed with lust for their lewd gyrations, but his conscious mind is in denial and is disgusted by his lack of control.

*Light Pixies* are gorgeous but demure, with dragonfly-like iridescent wings. They also radiate light (think Disney's animated fairies, such as Tinkerbell). The party encountered them in the Feywild, deep underground on their way to Bumbledark, where the gnomes captured and enslaved the pixies as captive light sources. In the process of "escaping" Bumbledark in Episode 48, the party rescued a handful of Light Pixies, who now reside on Doc Keratin, often hiding in the shelter of his bristling, furry mustache and illuminating his face in disquieting ways.

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